Voyage single

Voyage front cover image

Voyage is Ayumi Hamasaki's 28th single under the avex trax label.


Release Date
  • 26 September 2002
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-30405 (Japan)


"Voyage" ws used as the theme song of Japanese movie Tsuki ni Shizumu.

Tsuki ni ShizumuEdit

Tsuki ni Shizumu (月に沈むSinking into the Moon?) is a short film released in Japan in 2002 starring Ayumi Hamasaki and Isao Yukisada. Isao Yukisada acted in the movie as well as directed it, while Hamasaki played the lead role as well as wrote and performed the theme song, her 2002 hit single Voyage.


A young woman named Minamo (played by Ayumi Hamasaki) is at a mental institution and has recurring detailed visions of a traumatizing past life. Her visions include a lake with a large image of the moon shining down over it. She is crying tears of blood as she slowly sinks into the lake. She hears someone calling her name "Kagari" which was her name in her past life. At the mental hospital she eventually stumbles across a visitor which causes her to go wild and reach out to him as if she had already known him. The doctor believes that Minamo died a traumatizing death in her previous life and therefore she needs to become reunited with her soul mate in this life.

In her past life, there is a deranged madwoman who insists that Kagari (Minamo) must be sacrificed to the moon because a special full moon was approaching which only showed up once every hundred years. When the madwoman shows up with her goons to kill Kagari and sacrifice her to the moon, Kagari's soul mate shows up to try and defend her. Kagari and Sonshin get away from the fiends and spend one final loving moment together. Soon after, the psychopathic woman and her group of minions track Kagari down and brutally kill Sonshin for trying to defend Kagari. Eventually the demented woman ends up getting Kagari and sacrificing her to the moon once and for all. This leads to a gorgeous scene in which Kagari sinks into the shining light of the moon on a lake.

Back in the present time, Minamo finds the lake where she was traumatically sacrificed to the moon in her past life. She meets up with the visitor from the hospital who was also the man in her visions: Sonshin. They briefly speak and realize that they were in fact each others' soul mates and become reunited for good.


  1. Voyage (05:08)
  2. HANABI (electrical Bossa mix) (05:06)
  3. independent (SUGIURUMN MIX) (05:45)
  4. Voyage (Instrumental) (05:06)


Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
26 September, 2002 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 319,020 679,500 28
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 9