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Startin'/Born To Be...
is Ayumi Hamasaki's 39th single under the avex trax label. There is two versions, a CD only, and a CD+DVD version. The release of Startin'/Born To Be... makes Ayumi Hamasaki the female singer with the most #1 singles in Japan.


Release Date
  • 8 March 2006
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-30962
  • AVCD-30961 (CD+DVD)


  1. Startin' (Original Mix) (04:19)
  2. Born To Be... (Original Mix) (04:52)
  3. teens (Acoustic Version) (05:47)
  4. Startin' (Original Mix -Instrumental-) (04:19)
  5. Born To Be... (Original Mix -Instrumental-) (04:52)

DVD tracklistEdit

  1. Startin' (PV)
  2. Born To Be... (PV)


Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
8 March 2006 Oricon Daily Singles Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 1 116,034 188,551 15 weeks
Oricon Monthly Singles Chart 2
Oricon Yearly Singles Chart 51

188,551 copies sold, certified Gold by the RIAJ.