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Rock'n'Roll Circus (ロックンロール・サーカス) is Ayumi Hamasaki's eleventh full studio album on avex trax. The bulk of the album's material was recorded in London in January 2010.

The first pressing of the album comes with a photobook whose contents were taken during the album cover session in London, and shows Ayu in various costumes posing at various locales throughout the city. The album was released in a CD only version as well as the standard CD+DVD version. A limited box set was released that included the CD+DVD version of the album, the limited photobook, the DVD for ARENA TOUR 2009 ~NEXT LEVEL~ (which had been released the same day), and a tea & mug set.

TeamAyu members who pre-ordered were able to access a website with a short preview clip of the then-new song "MOON", whose single was released on July 14th, 2010.


Release Date
  • 14 April 2010 (Japan)
  • 16 April 2010 (Taiwan)
  • 19 April 2010 (Hong Kong, CD+DVD)
  • 20 April 2010 (Hong Kong, CD Only)
  • 30 January 2011 (China, CD Only)
  • 14 February 2011 (China, CD+DVD)
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-38102/B (Japan CD+DVD)
  • AVCD-38103 (Japan CD Only)
  • AVJCD10430/A (Taiwan CD+DVD)
  • AVJCD10430 (Taiwan CD Only)
  • AVJCD10430 (Hong Kong CD Only)
  • AAJCD20068D (Hong Kong CD+DVD)



  1. THE introduction (01:40)
  2. Microphone (04:27)
  3. count down (04:38)
  4. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL (05:49)
  5. BALLAD (05:21)
  6. Last Links (03:57)
  7. montage (01:40)
  8. Don't look back (04:08)
  9. Jump! (01:37)
  10. Lady Dynamite (04:21)
  11. Sexy little things (03:58)
  12. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (04:50)
  13. meaning of Love (05:28)
  14. You were... (04:48)
  15. RED LINE ~for TA~ (album version) (05:47)


  1. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
  2. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
  3. You were... (video clip)
  4. BALLAD (video clip)
  5. Sexy little things (video clip)
  6. Microphone (video clip)
  7. Don't look back (video clip)
  8. Lady Dynamite (video clip)
  9. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (making clip)
  10. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (making clip)
  11. You were... (making clip)
  12. BALLAD (making clip)
  13. Sexy little things (making clip)
  14. Microphone (making clip)
  15. Don't look back (making clip)
  16. Lady Dynamite (making clip)
  17. bonus track: "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~" DIGEST


Produced by max matsuura

A&R + Director: Hidetomo 'KOME' Yoneda (avex trax)

Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Mastering, London

Recordist: Koji Morimoto (prime sound studio form), Yuichi Nagayama, Masashi Hashimoto, Phill Brown, Dom Morley

2nd Engineer: Seiji Itabashi, Kouhei Hatakeyama (prime sound studio form), Liam Nolan (Metropolis Studios, London)

Recorded & Mixed at Metropolis Studios, London, Sarm Studios, London, prime sound studio form, avex studio azabu, Bunnkamura Studio, Crescent Studio, Studio Sound DALI, Victor Studio

Composer Management: Tadayoshi Matsuzaka, Shigeru Kjita, Yoshihiko Mototani, Yuki Iwabuchi (tearbridge production), Tomonori Takeda (Ryuken), Morihiko Aoyagi (SCOOP MUSIC), Naoya Ohshiro (True Song Music), Satoshi Oka (SUPA LOVE)

Players & Studio Coordination in London: Jess Gerry (CEC Management), Hinako Walter (Treasure House London), Eri Komazaki (avex group holdings inc.)

Players Coordination: Yoji Sugiyama (Witchcraft)

Studio Setup Assist in London: Katy Samwell, Jed Kellett (Metropolis Studios), Yvonne Zimmerling, Loretta Bogard, Dan Baldwin (Metropolis Mastering)

Studio Setup Assist: Noriko Yajima (prime sound studio form)

Artist Management Chief: Kouji 'Ouji' Hashimoto (avex management inc.)

Artist Management: Tadashi Urakami (avex management inc.)

Artist Management Support: Kazuki 'Mr.KAZ' Okabe (avex management inc.)

Artist Management Supervisor: Yasuto Hoyamatsu (avex management inc.)

Artist Brand Management: Hideki 'Jackie' Endo (avex management inc.)

Visual Producer: Kiyoshi 'Mizumo' Utsumi (avex group)

Media Promotion: Takeshi Mori, Masataka Muro, Naoko Shimizu, Takashi Motohashi, Jiro Hirano, Ryo Oba, Daisuke Suzuki, Shigenori Sasaki, Saori Kurihara, Yoko Hiraishi, Rei Motoki, Atsuko Watanabe & ALl Promotion Division Media Room, Hideki Hori, Hidemasa Inamura, Yosuke Kawai, Hideaki Tamamushi, Naoyuki Kawasumi & All Publicity Room Staff (avex entertainment inc.)

Media Promotion Supervisor: Yoshihiro Seki (avex entertainment inc.)

Sales Promotion: Kazuo Kosugi, Takashi Saigo & All AMI Staff (avex marketing inc.)

Tie-up Coordination: Kenji Kashihara, Kenichiro Kimura, Kenta Kobayashi, Yasushi Sakai, Hidenori Nishijima, Atsuhiko Shimizu & All Promotion Division Tie-up Room Staff (avex entertainment inc.)

Casting Coordination: Tatsuo Kodama, Tomoyasu Kimura, Shingo Kitagawa, Kazunari Ishii & All Promotion Division Casting Room Staff (avex management inc.)

Merchandising Director: Naomi Mayuzumi (avex marketing inc.)

TeamAyu Operation: Shigeo Fujimoto (avex marketing inc.)

Web Designer: Yukiko Ito, Makiko Kotera (avex marketing inc.)

A&R Assistant: Jiro Nakagiri (avex trax)

A&R Desk: Nozomi Yasumune (avex trax)

Management Desk: Mari Morita (avex management inc.)

A&R Chief: Kentaro Furusawa (avex trax)

A&R Supervisor: Hiroshi Ishimori (avex trax)

General Producers: Shinji Hayashi, Takashi Araki, Ryuhei Chiba (avex group)

Photographer: ND CHOW (angle)

Assistant Photographer: Taro Washio

Art Direction & Design: Takuma Noriage (brg)

A Hair: Kazuyoshi Takahashi (ZACC), Keisuke 'Rassya-" Omori (ZACC)

A Assistant Hair: Norimoto 'Doumo-kun' Wakabayashi (ZACC)

A Stylist: Kei 'Okei' Ito (Two Culture Inc.)

A Assistant Stylist: Yuko 'Dj' Honda (Two Culture Inc.)

A Costume Director: Akira NOda (Workaholik)

A Nail Artist: Shingo 'Minazo' Sano

A Make Up: Jin 'Gori' Kiyota (Rond.)

A Assistant Make Up: Tomonori 'Kanie' Nagai

A Trainer: So 'kurisuteru' Nagashima (tune:up)

Location Support: Luis Hernandez, Stanly Izumi Kim (s.i.k.e.), Akifumi 'Koichi' Kojima (avex live creative inc.)

Costume Support: MOSCHINO JAPAN

Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex marketing inc.)

CG Treatment: Makoto Harikae, Tsukasa Chiba, Yuko Horie (amana), Kazuyo Ohi (SPOON)

Quality Control: Seiko Tanaka, Hiroki Ishikawa (avex marketing inc.)

A Special Thanks:

Junichi 'nonchan' Kamitoku, Mika 'mama<3' Noguchi, Tetsuya 'Hige' Hirakawa, Takako 'Turico' Tsuriya, Akiko Sato, Yuki Takano, Haruyasu Ono, Makiko Wada (Sorridente Minami-Aoyama), Yuki Yokokura (ZACC), Jun Yoshida (ISM), Ward Sexton, Katsutaka 'Numacchi' Numakura (Office Lift), ANEKI, Bacchi, ...and You!!


  • Total Sales: 320,300
Chart Peak position Sales total Chart run
Oricon Daily Chart 1 85,142 21 weeks
Oricon Weekly Chart 1 205,058
Oricon Monthly Chart 2 272,394
Oricon Yearly Chart 21 318,454


The reason why I chose to do the recording in London this time was because I wanted to make an album in a closed-off environment, sort of like a place where sunlight doesn't reach. The songs this time are like me. They're not liberal and open-minded. The songs which I've always made often share the same views and ideas as the listener, but this time, they're more like shouts and prayers from my individual innermost self. With this image, I've probably gotten closer to how I was like inside when I first debuted. What I do in America has always been liberal and open, so that's why I chose London this time instead.:-Ayumi Hamasaki, Bea's UP, May 2010

[Rock'n'Roll Circus]...basically has a feeling of 'back-to-basics.' A feeling of Hamasaki Ayumi, and less of adventure. More digging down into the foundation. Which isn't to say I'm taking a step backward. It's about expressing my feelings on things I've always liked, but as the person I am now.:-Ayumi Hamasaki, SCawaii, February 2010

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For several of Ayumi Hamasaki's albums, record stores gave out special prizes to reward early purchasers on release day. People who purchased the album would recieve a random ticket from a box, each with a letter printed on it. The purchaser would then be given the corresponding prize for that letter.