Nomura Yoshio (野村義男) is Hamasaki Ayumi's live guitarist. In the early 80's, he was part of the idol group Tanokin Trio. He released a single called "kimagure ONE-WAY BOY" in 1983 as lead vocalist & guitarist of Johnny's Entertainment group THE GOOD-BYE. Nomura started his own band in the late 80s, which became the backing band for Koizumi Kyoko. He joined and left several groups over the course of the 90's until joining Hamasaki Ayumi's backing band in 1998, by recommendation of Hamasaki's manager Kamitoku Junichi. Even while working as Hamasaki's guitarist, he has formed several bands, including Rider Chips, an official Kamen Rider band. One band, (The Chargebacks, formerly known as Torio Band) consists primarily of other Hamasaki Ayumi band members, including bassist ENRIQUE, drummer Eguchi Nobuo, keyboardist Kobayashi Shingo, and background vocalist Hamada Miwako. He has also done several CM song compositions, as well as voice-over narration for CMs.


  • Birthdate: 26 October 1964
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 174cm
  • Also Known As: Yocchan (ヨッちゃん), Yoshi (ヨシ)


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