M single

M front cover image

M is Ayumi Hamasaki's 19th single under the avex trax label.


Release Date
  • 13 December 2000
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-30197 (Japan)


Throughout the song, Hamasaki addresses "Maria". Hamasaki is ambiguous as to the identity of "Maria"; however, she has stated that the song was inspired by a story told to her by a friend about a saint named Mary. The story was pivotal in the shaping of the theme of the song, which, according to Hamasaki, is about a "woman who won't change with time". Finally, like other songs from I am..., Hamasaki explores the topics of couples and love.


  1. M (Original Mix) (04:29)
  2. M (Dub's Hard Pop Remix) (07:27)
  3. SEASONS (Yuta's weather report mix) (05:51)
  4. M (nicely nice winter parade remix) (04:37)
  5. Far away (Laugh & Peace MIX) (03:42)
  6. M (REWIRED MIX) (05:57)
  7. M (SMOKERS MIX) (04:42)
  8. M (RANK-M Mix) (07:46)
  9. M (NEUROTIC EYE'S Mix) (04:56)
  10. M (Original Mix -Instrumental-) (04:27)