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LOVEppears (ラヴピアーズ) is Ayumi Hamasaki's second album on avex trax. It was released as a two-disc set (except in China). Disc 2 included some new remixes (and two remixes that originally appeared on ayu-mi-x), and an Enhanced CD session that included sound & video clips, magazine scans, and behind-the-scenes photos. Many tracks on the album have been somehow reversioned from their single versions, although many are not listed has having been so.


Release Date
  • 10 November 1999
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-11740 (Japan)
  • AVTCD-95292 (Hong Kong)
  • SCD-515 (China)
  • SCD-0779 (China Reissue)
  • CL-0404 (China Cassette)
  • AVJCD-10035 (Taiwan)
  • AVJMC-10035 (Taiwan Cassette)


Disc 1
  1. Introduction (01:09)
  2. Fly high (04:07)
  3. Trauma (04:17)
  4. And Then (04:13)
  5. immature (Album Version) (04:44)
  6. Boys & Girls (AUBE Original Mix) (03:54)
  7. TO BE (Album Mix) (05:18)
  8. End roll (04:49)
  9. P.S II (04:48)
  10. WHATEVER (Dub's 1999 Club Remix) (07:20)
  11. too late (Album Mix) (04:24)
  12. appears (Album Version) (05:38)
  13. monochrome (Album Mix) (04:21)
  14. Interlude (00:55)
  15. LOVE~refrain~ (05:21)
  16. Who.../kanariya (09:28)
Disc 2
  1. ayu's EURO MEGA-MIX "Y&Co. Mix" (09:48)
WHATEVER [Sentimental Mix]
Trust [A Eurobeat Mix]
YOU [Aggressive Mix]
Boys & Girls [A Eurosenti Mix]
End roll [ayu-ro Extended Mix]
Boys & Girls [A Eurobeat Mix]
YOU [Aggressive Mix]
Fly high [Euro-Power Mix]
Depend on you [Extended Power Mix]
Trauma [Eurobeat Mix]
too late [Euro-Power Mix]
WHATEVER [Euro Power Mix]
monochrome [ayu-ro Extended Mix]
poker face [Extended Power Mix]
  1. ayu's HOUSE MEGA-MIX "N.S House Mix" (09:58)
Boys & Girls (Dub's club Remix)
Hana (D-Z Deadly Rose Approach)
too late (Razor 'N Guido Remix)
SIGNAL (Y&Co. TASTE) (intro)
SIGNAL (Groove That Soul Mix)
monochrome (Dub's full color Remix)
poker face (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
Trauma (Heavy Shuffle Mix)
Depend on you (dub's electro remix)
  1. A Song for XX "MILLENNIUM MIX" from 1st Album (04:46)
  2. POWDER SNOW "Acoustic Orchestra Version" from ayu-mi-kkusu (05:03)
  3. FRIEND II "MAKE MY MAD MIX" from ayu-mi-x (04:31)


Produced by Max Matsuura
Sound Produced by Naoto Suzuki
Recorded by Atsushi Hattori (Hi-Five) and Noriki Inada (Hi-Five)
Recorded at prime sound studio AOYAMA, STUDIO SOUND DALI, ONKIO HAUS, Soundtrack, New York, NY
Mixed at Larrabee Sound North, Conway Studio LA, PRIME-MIX, STUDIO SOUND DALI
Assisted by Satoshi Kumasaka, Fuyuhiko Inui, Gen Okamura, Yasuo Higashidate
Production Assistant: Yuka Akiyama (Prime Direction)
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering, Studio City
A&R Coordination: Yasuyuki Tomita (avex trax)
A&R Supervisor: Nobuhito Ikehata (avex trax)
Executive Supervisor: Katsuro Oshita (avex trax)
Artist Promotion: Tatsuya Ikeda (avex trax)
Sales Promotion: Kentaro Furusawa, Akihiro Terada Yasuhiro Yamamoto (avex distribution)
Artist Management: Yuka Kikuchi, Junichi Kamitoku (axev inc.)
Advisory Producers: Ryuzo Shoji (prime direction), Ryuhei Chiba, Motohiro Abe, Ayumu Kurose (axev inc.)
General Producer: Shinji Hayashi (avex trax)
Specially coordinated by Tom Yoda (avex group)
Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
Design: Michiho Ogasawara ( RICE)
Creative Coordination: Toshikazu Sakawa (avex trax)
Photographer: Toru Kumazawa
Assistant Photographer: gina
Styling: Koji Matsumoto, Tadamasa Tagami
Nail Artist: Kanako Miura (Studio V)
Special Thanks to:
Jessy Oba, Tommy II (AV Experience)
CHU, Tamotsu, Sanche,
Shima, Tadasuke (Too-RUSTIC)
Yuki, Someko, hakase, Ushito (office an-gel)
Kochan, Daisuke, Junpei,
Soichiro, hinachan (HAIR DIMENSION)
Kazuhiko Toyama, Junko Shimamura,
hiro from JSB (premium promotion)
Otsuka, Sigechan, Johnny, hirai,
Ayumi & kaori, Natsuki, Rie, aya,
and my family...


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)
Release Chart Peak position First Week Sales Sales total Chart run
November 10, 1999 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 1
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1 1,201,879 2,562,130 64
Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 1
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 15 (1999)
14 (2000)
  • Total Sales: 2,562,130 (Japan)
  • Total Sales: 3,500,000 (Asia)


The title "LOVEppears" has two meanings to it, "thing that seems like love" and "discrepancy between what we see and what's really there."...Before my trip to New York for the jacket photo shoot, I looked out the window from inside the car, and there was a couple that looked SO happy, but I personally was thinking, maybe they're in the middle of a serious crisis. Or maybe they're actually talking about separating. So I thought of the meaning "seems to be" for the word "appears" and stuck it on there. We give ourselves certain outward appearances and images, trying to make it look like things are good or bad, whatever we want to show people, but really things aren't as we're showing.:-Ayumi Hamasaki, beatfreak Magazine

Well, while working on "A Song for XX," for example, during the sad times that I couldn't shake, I'd always be saying "I'm very sad, I can't shake this." Quietly crying, quietly wounded, quietly mourning. But with "LOVEppears," during sad times, I express it with furious sounds, shouting out, screaming.:-Ayumi Hamasaki, beatfreak Magazine

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