Ayu in "Nagisa no SINDBAD" (1995)

This page details Ayumi Hamasaki's TV and Movie appearances, not including commercials or live musical performances. For commercial appearances, visit the CM Campaigns page.

Most of Hamasaki's acting appearances are from her "aidoru" era, between 1993 and 1997. Acting after this time period has only been for projects directly relating to her career as a singer under Avex, for example short films and promotional videos for specific singles.

Hamasaki's characters are frequently victims of some kind of sexual abuse, though she has played quirky nerdy girls as well. She is normally an on-screen only actress, however she did perform as a seiyuu for one project, "BATTLE SPIRITS Hokuto no Ken" in 1993.

She is credited as Hamasaki Kurumi for her first acting role as Tachibana Momo in "Twin Teachers" in 1993, but she is credited as Hamasaki Ayumi (sometimes with a different spelling) for every subsequent project.


April to June 1993 TSUINZU Kyoushi (Twin Teachers) Tachibana Momo Fuji TV Drama Series Ayu met her future boyfriend, Tomoya Nagase, on the set of this drama.
December 1993 BATTLE SPIRITS Hokuto no Ken (Art of Fighting Yuri Sakazaki OVA Ayu's voice is only used on this anime in the TV/VHS/Laserdisc version. Her dialogue in the DVD version has been re-recorded by Kaori Horie.
July 1994 Shin Saiyuuki (New Journey to the West) homeless fortune-telling girl NTV Drama Series The titular guest character in episode 11.
October to December 1994 H.I.P. (Hot Information Press) Co-host TV Asahi Variety Show Cohosted with 22-year-old Yamamoto Kiyomi. Returned for a few episodes in late 1995 to promote NOTHING FROM NOTHING .
April 1995 Nagisa no SHINDOBADDO (Sindbad of Nagisa, aka Like Grains of Sand) Aihara Kasane Coming-of-age drama about teens coming to terms with their sexual identities.
1995 Rediizu!! Soucho Saigo no Hi (LADIES!! The Boss' Last Day) Saijou Misaki Second in a series of four "LADIES!!" films based on a manga about a female biker gang.
1995 Sumomo mo Momo (Even a Plum is a Peach) Ritsuko Sister to the title character of Komomo.
Sumomo mo momo-56
October to December 1995 Miseinen (Underage) Tabata Hitomi TBS Drama Series Hitomi is a student at a prestigious all-girl school who gets pregnant by her tutor.
August 1995 Koyou SASUPENSU Gekijou: Nanashi no Tantei (Tuesday Suspense Theater: The Nameless Detective) Nami NTV Series Appears in episode 11, "Glass Girl"
1996 Doyou WAIDO Gekijou Takasugi Izumi ("Dokyonin COUPLE no Satsujin Suiri Ryouko" ep 4), guest (other appearance) TV Asahi Series Appears as two different characters in two different story series.
July to September,1996 Yami no PAAPURU AI (Purple Eyes in the Dark) Morijima Yuka TV Asahi Series
1996 Kitto Dareka ni Au Tame ni (Surely, In Order to Meet Someone) guest TV Tokyo Series Appears in Episode 9.
1996 Gakkou II (The School II) Aoyama Ryuhei's Daughter The second in a series of four films.
1997 Shounan Bousouzoku: Kaettekita Densetsu no Gonin (Shounan Biker Gang: They've Come Home, the Legendary Five) Tsuyama Yoshiko
2002 Tsuki ni Shizumu (Sinking Into the Moon) Kagari/Patient Short film directed by Isao Yukisada, accompanying the release of Voyage .
2003 Namahousou wa Tomaranai (How to Make a Music Program) Herself TV movie also featuring artists such as Gackt, B'z, and Nakashima Mika during the making of ficitonal music/variety show "Music Stadium."
2007 Kyoai ~Distance Love~ Singer Short film consisting of the music videos for "glitter" and "fated, shot in Hong Kong and directed by Wong Hoi.