ayupan: fushigi no tobira (ayupan 不思議の扉; ayupan: The Mysterious Door) was a 3-D CG-animated cartoon about Hamasaki Ayumi's fictional cartoon persona, ayupan. The cartoons were presented in roughly 2-minute episodes, each broadcast as a segment of the Sunday evening TV Tokyo show "U-15 F SUKI ni sasete!" "ayupan" became a segment on the show in May of 2003. 19 installments of the ayupan animation were broadcast.


The show centers around ayupan and her best friend, the dog Marron. While setting up her new room, ayupan discovers that her music box is actually a door for which coins are the key. Each coin has a different color, and sends ayupan & Marron on an adventure that gradually teaches them the meaning of their friendship. ayupan greets us each episode with "Hello-pan!" and ends each adventure with "Bye-pan!"


1 ayupan shows us her new room, which she's decorated to be very pink. She tells us about her best friend Marron, nearly forgetting to mention that he's a dog, but promises to introduce him next time.
2 ayupan is putting the finishing touches on her new room, and introduces us to Marron, her dog. We learn that for some reason, Ayu can understand what he is saying.
3 ayupan's room is finished, and includes a jukebox. Marron points out to ayupan that the jukebox seems to actually be a door! However, the door is locked, and ayupan checks a treasure chest to find a bunch of colored coins. The coin slot on the jukebox is marked "Key," so ayupan tries the green coin to see if it opens the door...
4 ayupan and Marron bravely venture through the door to find a garden in which everything is dancing. However, ayupan & Marron find a note telling them that they need to convince one unmoving white flower bud to dance along with everyone else.
5 After many attempts to help the white flower bud dance, ayupan and Marron nearly give up, until Marron notices that the flower bud seems to want to dance, but seems uncomfortable being itself. When they succeed, a green "N" appears on ayupan's wall.
6 Ayupan and Marron open the door with the yellow coin this time, and find an empty classroom. A note is written on the blackboard that tasks ayupan & Marron with finding a hidden treasure in the classroom.
7 A note on the classroom wall shows ayupan the true nature of the "treasure" they're looking for - each other's friendship. Upon the discovery of this truth, ayupan's wall earns a yellow "I".
8 ayupan uses the indigo coin to travel to a sports stadium full of hundreds of copies of Marron! Her task is to find the real one. ayupan uses a quiz show to narrow down who the real one might be.
9 ayupan has the choices narrowed down to 2 Marrons. The game's announcer announces that the wrong Marron is the correct one, and a teary-eyed ayupan tells us who the real winner is, and how she knows it. For succeeding, ayupan gets an indigo "O" on her wall.
10 The blue coin takes ayupan & Marron to a cave, and their mission is to exit it within 3 minutes. But the plot thickens: a giant boulder is chasing them!
11 ayupan and Marron use rollerblades to get out of the cave. But they're running out of time, and the cave's door is closing. ayupan throws Marron through the door to make sure at least he gets out, and she just barely makes it. For displaying such selflessness, ayupan gets a blue "B" on her wall.
12 ayupan uses the red coin, and ends up in a forest... and only a few inches tall! Marron, however, is still his usual size, and somehow ayupan has to get him to sit.
13 After nearly getting crushed by her dear dog's foot, ayupan climbs onto a very rowdy Marron and tries to get as close to his ear as possible. Eventually, she connects with Marron's heart and makes him sit down. ayupan's wall gets a red "R."
14 The orange coin takes ayupan & Marron to a giant circular piano in space. Their mission is to play "Entertainer" in harmony together. However, Marron keeps playing the song wrong, and ayupan gets mad. They tear the sheet music in half fighting over it. Pretty soon, the two aren't speaking.
15 ayupan feels bad, and plays an "I'm sorry" version of the song to apologize to Marron. Soon, Marron feels better, and reluctantly begins playing the song properly. Before long, the two are having fun together again, and an orange "A" appears on ayupan's wall when they get home.
16 The last coin left is the purple one, which takes ayupan & Marron to a park... but they've switched bodies! Marron, in ayupan's body, runs off and ayupan, in Marron's body, loses track of him. When it starts to rain, Marron remembers once bringing ayupan an umbrella when this situation was switched around. But ayupan, unable to find Marron, is trying to stay out of the rain...
17 ayupan finally remembers what Marron does, and brings Marron an umbrella that she finds. Remembering this, she also knows where Marron must be. When they finally reunite, their bodies switch back again. A purple "W" appears on the wall, spelling out the word "RAINBOW." Now that the word is complete, a new door suddenly appears in ayupan's room.
18 This door takes ayupan & Marron to a mysterious, colorful, bright place, where ayupan suddenly can no longer understand what Marron is saying. A piece of paper floats by, and ayupan grabs it, hopeful that the paper will give her a mission like the other locales. However, the paper is blank. While ayupan is distracted, Marron disappears. ayupan goes through a series of doors to the old color-coded rooms appears, but fails in finding Marron. Eventually, she opens up a white door, leading to a sepia-tinted memory of Marron bringing ayu an umbrella...
19 ...After the rain in the memory stops, memory-ayupan and Marron see a rainbow together, and from that moment on, ayupan could understand what Marron said. The memory park's sepia tint fades away, and a rainbow-colored door appears. ayupan can hear Marron's barking through it, but can't get through the door. Her tears make a rainbow in a puddle, and when she sees the rainbow, she can understand Marron again. She still can't open the door, however. A note floats by asking her what the most important thing in the world is, and she answers that her friendship to Marron is. With that, the door is unlocked, and leads back home. A rainbow coin is dropped and the screen shows a bit of text saying “End?”