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The Ayumi Hamasaki Wiki is exactly what it says on the tin - an online encyclopedia dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki, her music, her shows, her appearances, her staff, and everything else Ayu-related. Anyone can edit this Wiki, but please be respectful and accurate when doing so!

Ayumi HamasakiEdit

Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ, Hamasaki Ayumi) is a Japanese pop singer, lyricist, composer, and occasional model and actress. Hamasaki is best known for her optimistically melancholic song style, personal lyrics, unique and trendsetting fashion sense, and devotion to her fans. She made her debut as an idol in 1994, retiring from the profession in 1997. She was discovered by Matsuura Masato later on, and finally debuted as a solo singer under avex trax in April 1998. Since then she has written lyrics for nearly 200 songs, released 50 singles and 13 full-length albums, and has a fan club with over 200,000 members as of September 2010. She has broken (and still holds) several sales records in Japan.


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